yarn2The biggest challenge for sustainable fashion is to outlive its momentum. Fashion and its cultures are notoriously fast-paced, cyclical, and forgetful, announcing trends as obsolete the moment a new one takes its place. This, of course, is precisely why fashion has developed into the deeply ecologically unsustainable practice that it’s become. Sustainable fashion had a momentum in 2015, with the release of The True Cost documentary, an impactful Copenhagen Fashion Summit, and publications like Vestoj, Business of Fashion and DANSK dedicating issues to the topic. However, admittedly, it takes a lot more than a 100 glossy pages og 60 minutes of cinema to solve impending humanitarian and environmental disasters. Swedish fashion label Filippa K has responded to this with the launch of Filippa K Circle, a digital hub where experts in the interface between innovation and sustainability share their visions of a better fashion future. “The ultimate goal is to close the loop of the fashion cycle, avoiding everything from humans and animals not being respected in the process of making fashion to tackling the end-use with landfills and mountains of unused clothing.  We hope to both engage and inspire, and ultimately, to change the patterns of fashion together,” read the opening press release earlier this month. Although newly launched, the platform already features a plethora of essays, interviews and op-eds from significant players like Filippa K’s sustainability director Elin Larsson, as well as articles on the newest technological innovations in the field. Keep reading, and change the world.



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